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Scholar Account


We cut everything we could to make our Scholar Accounts as affordable as possible. 


Don't worry about extra fees and hidden costs, what you see is what you pay. 


Tailored to fit the needs of educational institutes, get the benefits of a business accounts with better affordability than the standard pricing model.


You have budgetary needs and we can find a payment solution that meets those needs. Pay in full up front or with monthly or quarterly invoices. 

Business Account


Don't worry about all the hidden fees and mileage charges, just ask for an interpreter.

Straight Forward

What you see is what you pay. 

Business Oriented

With all the unnecessary fees and charges omitted, you will save money in the long run.


Just purchase a block of hours and schedule them whenever you need them, no questions asked. 

Due to the nature of interpreting,  state regulations and other factors, pricing can vary based on: distance from interpreter, type of appointment, time of day, weekends, last minute requests, and other factors. Mileage is currently charged at $0.55 a mile per mile. 

Standard Account

Great for one  time appointments. Pay as you go. 


2hr minimum

+$7/hr for Medical

+15/hr for Legal

+5/hr for late notice

$0.55 Mileage rate

+3/hr for Off hours/Weekend

Scholar Account

Affordable & Simple.  We understand educational institutes are on a budget.


28hr minimum - Pre-paid

No cancellations allowed

Medical/Legal not allowed.

At least 1 appointment a week

No Mileage Charges*

Business Account

Simplified billing and cheaper in the long run.


8hr minimum - Pre-paid

No Extra Medical Charge

No Extra Legal Charge

No Late Notice Charge

No Mileage Charges*

No Off-hours/Wekend Charge

More Information

Most Interpreting Agencies charge mileage, late notice fees, weekend fees, and many other types of fees. Based on our industry research, after all of their fees their hourly rate is really $10-$15 more an hour than they advertise. Our Business and Education accounts make everything much simpler by getting rid of these deceptive billing practices, what you see is what you pay. 

* Mileage is free up to 120 miles 

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